Teachers & Therapists

Yoga for Wellness, LLC teachers are certified and/or registered with the Yoga Alliance and represent a broad variety of experience, training, and knowledge. Several of our teachers offer private therapy sessions within the Treatment Room at Yoga for Wellness, LLC building.

Each of the Yoga for Wellness, LLC teachers has a personal yoga practice and embodies yoga in their daily lives offering unique experiences to every student in their classes. Our teachers respect and embrace students of all levels and abilities, from the beginner to the seasoned yoga practitioner.

Jeanne Dillion

Jeanne is an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist and Director of Yoga for Wellness, LLC. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher through the Integrative Yoga Therapy program, a Certified iRest® Meditation Teacher with the Integrative Restoration Institute®, and a faculty member and lead teacher for the 300-hr. program of Shanti Yoga teacher training school. She is registered with Yoga Alliance with the designations of ERYT500 and YACEP. Long-term health issues led Jeanne to yoga where she rediscovered her True Nature of joy and found tools for healing and living that dramatically enhanced her quality of life. She’s been practicing yoga since 1989 and in 1998 opened Yoga for Wellness, LLC, to share the many benefits of this tradition with others. Passionate about teaching yoga and meditation, she loves inspiring others to find health, healing and enhanced wellbeing. Her teaching style is gentle and accessible to anyone. Jeanne compassionately works with people living with MS, Parkinson’s Disease, cancer, infertility, chronic pain, as well as other challenging conditions.

In her personal practice and when teaching, Jeanne is guided by the non-dual traditions learned from Richard Miller, Ph.D., founder and Director of the Integrative Restoration Institute, and, also, Joan Ruvinsky . Her asana and pranayama teachings follow the disciplines of T.K.V. Desikachar, the son and primary student of Krishnamacharya, a prominent yogi who helped bring a resurgence of hatha yoga in recent decades. The teachings of these yoga masters have brought profound transformation and well-being.

Jeanne’s yoga studies have also been influenced by many renowned yoga teachers including: Joseph LePage, Founder of Integrative Yoga Therapy; Jon Kabat-Zinn, founding Director of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction; Gary Kraftsow, Director of the American Viniyoga Institute; and Sonia Nelson, Director of the Vedic Chant Center.


Lisa Bateman 

Lisa’s love for yoga began over 13 years ago in her hometown of Denver, Colorado, where she practiced power yoga intensely for two years. A change in location brought Lisa to Boise in 2007 where she became an avid proponent of a home practice. Her main studio for the past eight years has been Yogadownload.com, a 24-hour, online yoga studio, exposing Lisa to hundreds of teachers around the globe and many styles of yoga, creating very eclectic inspiration for her to draw on as a teacher. Some styles include- Kundalini Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Qi Yoga, Power Yoga, and Viniyoga.

In the summer of 2011 Lisa attended an intensive Teacher Training program through Qi Yoga Studios in Denver, completing her 200 hour Yoga Certification. Lisa has been teaching at Yoga for Wellness, LLC since 2012. She is a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher and is furthering her yoga studies under the direction of Jeanne Dillion, Director of Yoga for Wellness, LLC.

As a licensed massage therapist, Lisa has a strong foundation for teaching the fundamentals of a yoga practice rooted in proper alignment and connection to breath. Lisa’s passion is supporting others in elevating their self-awareness and healing through yoga, meditation and bodywork. http://www.elevateboise.com/massage.


Sarah Lagasse

dsc_0538Originally from Burlington, Vermont, Sarah began her yoga journey in 2008.  She graduated from the Shanti Yoga school of Boise in 2015, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher with a 200-hour designation through Yoga Alliance.  Sarah continues her studies in Viniyoga and Yoga Nidra with Jeanne Dillion.  She moved to Boise in 2014 with her husband and dog, Dot. She loves running and hiking with Dot in the foothills behind her home.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, however; when she moved to Boise, she switched gears to doing something she really loves–YOGA!


Cori Moyes, Certified Reiki Master

Cori MoyesReiki is an alternative, gentle practice that uses Universal Life Force Energy to reduce the effects of stress in the body, restores energetic balance, and promotes healing on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

Cori Moyes is an Idaho native and is a certified Reiki Master. In addition to Reiki, Cori is also certified in other modalities of energetic bodywork including Biokinesiology and Intuitive Theta Healing.  She received her Reiki training and certification from The Reiki Energy Healing Center.  She moved to Boise in 2015 from the Sun Valley area where she lived for many years. Cori has always had a passion for mind, body and spiritual wellness.

In addition to being a Reiki Master specializing in energetic bodywork, Cori is a licensed P&C, Life and Disability Insurance Agent. In her spare time, Cori is an avid outdoor adventurer and loves biking, hiking, skiing, yoga and sharing her passions with her three beautiful children.  To schedule an appointment with Cori, call 208-720-4563.


Substitute Staff Teachers

Kathy Opp 

Kathy OppKathy Opp, RYT-500 is a graduate of the Shanti Yoga School in McCall, Idaho and a certified yoga instructor trained in a multidiscipline Hatha yoga tradition. She studied yoga in her youth and came back to a practice in 2011 to deal with grief and to regain work-life balance. While working as an independent business consultant and developing her own yoga teaching style, Kathy learned people need to offset their typically high intensity, go-go lifestyles with more gentle styles of yoga.

In 2013 and 2014 she deepened her training by attending the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica and attained a Yin Yoga level I & II certification. The practice of yin is a quiet practice focused on longer held seated or reclined postures designed to maintain or restore lower body joint and spinal mobility. Kathy is passionate about sharing the benefits of a yin practice with as many people as possible. It is by calming the breath that we are able to bring stillness to the body and the mind.


Jennifer Hooft

Jennifer HooftJennifer Hooft, RYT200, M.Ed., is a Chopra Center certified Vedic Educator. She teaches yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda, focusing on individual needs and overall wellbeing. Jennifer has a long-held passion for health and wellness. She has been athletic since her youth. Throughout her 20-year professional career in Human Resource Management, Jennifer’s encouraged and supported employees in balancing work demands with self-care and self-reflection. She inspired others to incorporate activity, sound nutrition and mindfulness into their lifestyles through health promotions and wellness initiatives.

After practicing yoga occasionally over many years, Jennifer immersed herself in her personal practice three years ago, exploring traditions and styles. She studied a multi-disciplinary approach to yoga based on the Hatha tradition under Dr. Deepak Chopra and staff to refine her personal practice and her teaching. She enjoys and shares the beautiful ancient teachings and benefits of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. Her heart-felt interest in the individual is evident in every class and workshop. Students leave class feeling peaceful, and cared for.