Studio Rental

Located in East Boise at 1175 E. Park Center Boulevard, Suite 102, Yoga for Wellness, LLC may be the space that you have been seeking for ongoing classes or special workshops. A spacious room nestled in a professional office plaza, the studio provides an intimate yet spacious setting. The pleasing décor includes a bamboo floor and four silk-draped windows that soften the incoming light. Padded folding chairs are available as well as a full complement of yoga props.



As a yoga studio, we focus on providing sanctuary for the mind, body, and spirit and support for healing and transformation.

If this mission resonates with you and you need a home for your work in the world, consider renting space at Yoga for Wellness, LLC.

To obtain rates available for hourly, half day, whole day, and weekends, contact Jeanne at 208-345-7113.